Land-Led Solutions

We are experts in finding sites and developing them for our partners, with particular skills in converting previously used sites into much-needed new housing.

Working in partnership with local authorities, housing associations and investors, we undertake complex projects which involve land assembly, technical expertise, construction, and sales services.

Our experience in all areas of development means we are ideally placed to create innovative solutions for our clients and we have the skills, ambition and capacity to do so.

The land-led delivery arm of our business identifies land, defines the strategy for development and secures planning consent alongside partner organisations. This is a vital area of growth for the housing industry and we utilise collaborative, innovative approaches to bringing forward land for housing.

Innovative development of this kind allows councils to take a direct role in housing delivery, accelerating the creation of new homes for local people. We work with councils to enable them to shape the development in terms of the quantity, mix, tenure and price of the new homes and the speed with which they are built.

We are also experts in strategic land acquisition, which has the potential to unlock sites with significant housing potential and to deliver high quality outcomes for our clients. Identifying these sites requires vision, assembling them calls for expert negotiation and securing planning consent demands both tenacity and flexibility. We also have excellent knowledge and experience of the various funding routes to deliver these schemes – whether that be public or private sector investment.

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