Vistry Partnerships Skills Academy

The Vistry Partnerships Skills Academy is an innovative programme designed to combat the nationwide skills shortage affecting the construction industry.

Each academy is designed to encourage people who are no longer in the education system and who are not working or being trained back into work by offering work placements, full-time employment and apprenticeships.

The Skills Academy is a fantastic way to skill local people and to support them into employment and a prime driver of this project is to enable communities to prosper and thrive long-term, providing a catalyst for economic growth.

Each Skills Academy comprises a 4-6 week training course designed to give learners basic theoretical and practical training on a ‘live’ construction site, as well as work experience placements, site visits and careers advice.

Learners are based in an on-site classroom studying construction theory and completing practical demonstrations before spending time with Partnerships’ subcontractors to further develop their practical skills through work experience placements.

Each academy also provides opportunities for current students including apprentice placements, work experience placements and site visits.