Platinum praise for partnership

Vistry Partnerships North East has secured platinum praise for its outstanding contributions in the area of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in 2021.

Project Manager John Flintoff and Assistant Site Managers Hannah Hutchinson and Ross Hogg have inspired their teams and subcontractors to achieve platinum standard feedback from its recent HSE inspection at the Ravensdene development in Gateshead.

The £14m project will see the site transformed into 83 extra care apartments for Home Group as part of a care in the community initiative. Since demolition began in 2019, the Ravensdene site team has achieved 11 Gold SHE safety reports within a year and is now one of only a few business units across the Vistry Group to secure the newly created Platinum standard.

John said: “As a team we are delighted to have been able to win this title. This is thanks to Vistry and its partners forward thinking approach to Health and Safety Management. We have recently been trialling new camera technology to observe and monitor progress and Health and Safety practice on site.

“OpenSpace is a project video capture and mapping system, a little like Google street view for construction sites, which allows any members of the team to view real time images of the construction site without the necessity to visit – particularly useful due to Covid restrictions.”

“The technology can map photos to the developments plans automatically documenting the full site. This drives accountability, minimises travel, reduces risk and resolves conflict as those working on the project are able to access the site images, plans and mapping remotely.”

The Platinum accolade is awarded as part the Group’s performance monitoring of Safety, Health and environmental (SHE) performance on site when inspected by our SHE team. It is only given to professional teams and sites achieving the very highest standards of Health and Safety at work and requires the site team to achieve “best practice” to get the required score in the safety inspection.

All reports start at Compliance (93 Points). As activities are recorded points are either deducted or added. The ‘Platinum’ report supersedes the previous ‘Gold’ report. A platinum report can only be obtained if the report contains at least 1 No. activity that is scored as a ‘Best Practice’.

The Internal Group Safety, Health and Environmental Department have recognised two of the Platinum inspection scores in Vistry Partnerships. A further five have been awarded to sites operated by Linden Homes and Bovis Homes.

Managing Director in the North East, Sean Egan, said: “We are delighted to win our first Platinum award – one of only two achieved by Partnerships nationally. This is testament to the ambition, drive and innovation of our team, which is always striving to deliver exceptional developments and service for our clients and customers.”